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Illegal Contact

Santino Hassell

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Can I put the tip in? ~ Gavin, Illegal Contact”

“they both had this . . . aura of power. And a way of looking at me that triggered both an urge to perform for their attention while worrying that they could smell the debt on me.”

“You were just being so fucking sweet and lovely that I wanted to kiss you. To hold you. To be close to you. I wanted to show you that you’re special to me too. To tell you that I talk about you too. That I think about you even when I’m supposed to be focused on other things.”

“Who’s gonna put that smile on your face when you’re not with me anymore?” “Nobody,” he whispered. “You ruined me for anyone else.”

“Um, uh—yes. This is he. I mean me. I’m him.” Oh fuck. “Is this . . .” “You know who I am.” And just like that, my bitch mode turned on again. “Sorry, I’m not sure who this is. Can you give me your name?” A long, low exhale sounded through the phone. “It’s Gavin Brawley. I’ve been calling you for days. This is my last attempt.” “Really?” Gavin was starting to sound annoyed. “Is this how you act when trying to get a job?” “No, not usually. But I figured I’d screwed up and there was no way Mr. Carmichael would ever hire me.” “First off, I’m hiring you. Not him. I wanted you. Not him.”

“There’s your first mistake, Brawley. Don’t let the good-boy manners and button-down fool you. I’m an Irish kid from Queens. You’ve got no clue how loud I can be.”

“There was something reassuring about the realness of outright hostility.”

“People who had never needed money could never understand the dual weight of responsibility and freedom that came with getting a break.”

“Joe. This shit started because of me confronting the dude who threatened to out Simeon. You think I’m stupid enough to trust someone in my house? If you think my image is shitty now, just wait until a housekeeper or a PA finds out I like fucking guys. Gavin Brawley, the Barons’ alpha asshole, being bisexual will be a lot more sensational than golden boy Simeon experimenting at the club while wasted.” Joe cringed. He went through life pretending I only chased female tail when off the field. It was less stressful when it came to sorting out the potential homophobic backlash if word got out that I was bi. I tried to choose my male hookups carefully, and never a random stranger. Even on the days when I craved a man’s hard body and low, deep voice more than anything else, I sometimes told myself it was more trouble than it was worth. And Simeon’s latest disaster only cemented that thought in my mind, so having a stranger in my house .”

“Joe started pacing again. He was upset enough for me to consider comforting him, but worrying about a suit was pretty low on my list of shit to give two fucks about.”

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