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The Mother-in-Law

Sally Hepworth

Top 10 Best Quotes

“but I doubt there is a loss in the universe more profound than a daughter losing her mother.”

“I worked hard for everything I ever cared about, & nothing I ever cared about cost a single cent." ~ Mum”

“People underestimate the role fate plays in our lives.”

“Who are we after we’re gone? I wonder. It’s a good question to ponder. Most people can’t come up with an answer right away. They frown, consider it for a minute. Maybe even sleep on it. Then the answers start to come. We’re our children. Our grandchildren. Our great-grandchildren. We’re all the people who will go on to live, because we lived. We are our wisdom, our intellect, our beauty, filtered through generations, continuing to spill into the world and make a difference.”

“Sons see the best parts of you, but daughters really see you. They see your flaws and your weaknesses. They see everything they don’t want to be. They see you for exactly who you are … and they hate you for it.”

“Some people jumped in and tried to save someone who was in trouble; others did anything they could to save themselves.”

“maybe, she was so busy looking at the problems in the world, she forgot to give chances to those right under her nose.”

“To my family and friends who live in terror of being cast as a villain in one of my books. It's a valid fear. Be nice to me.”

“I doubt there is a loss in the universe more profound than a daughter losing her mother.”

“It’s the truth. Ollie and Nettie would never help me. I’m their mother, which means in our relationship they will always be children, and will only see things from their own perspectives.”

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