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Ember's End

S.D. Smith

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Shuffler, you're going to have to stop doing that....[....]...It's 'my place beside you,' not 'my place blocking your view.”

“Dear Kyle, you are the great nitwit of the world. Love, Jo Shanks.”

“Our love is a treasure, but it's not the house we keep the treasure in.' Heather smiled through the tears. 'There is a bigger world we fit inside, and we can't say yes to our love right here without saying no to the world. I can't. I know you can't either, or you wouldn't be the one I love so much.”

“It’s always hard to forgive, but it’s never not worth it.”

“Do you even know how to use one?' he asked. "The sharp part at the bad guys?' 'That's the general idea.”

“Because you loved me. Before I was anything. Before I was at all lovable, you loved me. I won't forget.”

“One must either sacrifice for great accomplishment or sacrifice great accomplishment”

“And the Great Wood did mend; brighter and brighter it shine, with more and more light to share. Mending begat mending, and the healing grew, like a disease in reverse, until the wholeness spread to the edge of every map.”

“Uncle Picket,” Hanna asked, tugging on his shirt, “who made up Starseek?” “Your mother, the queen, invented the game,” Picket answered with a smile. “But,” Queen Heather said, “Uncle Picket made it magic.” The End”

“Picket instinctively stepped in front of Emma as the Preylords dropped lower and lower, nearing the edge of the city. “Shuffler, you’re going to have to stop doing that,” Emma said, hooking him with her arm. “It’s ‘my place beside you,’ not ‘my place blocking your view.”

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