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Ronald Frame

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Life is an enigma. We have to approach it not scientifically but poetically.”

“We were perfectly decorous together. It took the will of both of us. I trusted him with me, and myself with him.”

“Dancing takes a certain lightness, a spring in the step, an elasticity in the calves; a kind of joie de vivre, or alternatively a leavening element of self-proclaiming stupidity in one’s make-up.”

“The purple haze of the wych elms; the blue flash of a kingfisher’s wings; the statuesque rightness of the milch cows in that green place chomping on the rich flood-grass.”

“Life is an enigma. We have to approach it not 'just' scientifically, but poetically. ”

“A woman can only satisfy and fulfil herself, I understood, when she establishes her own authority, and see beyond equality, realising how terrible and damaging her own power - if unleashed - might be.”

“You care for empresses and queens?” I asked him. “No. For tragic heroines.” “Why them?” “Suffering and courageous women who deserve their own immortality.”

“Why d’you think she did it?” I told him I had no idea. He seemed disappointed that I shouldn’t know. “A broken heart,” I suggested. “Do people suffer so much?” “For love? Oh, I imagine so.” “To drown herself?” “Why does that astonish you? Dido threw herself on the flames.” “In legend.” “And real life’s different?” I asked.”

“That’s what friends are for,” Sheba said. “I don’t know what they’re for,” I told her. “So that we don’t get out of our depth,” Mouse said.”

“Some things belong to the past.”

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