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The Christmas Promise

Richard Paul Evans

Top 10 Best Quotes

“To love someone is to desire their happiness. [Richelle Bach]”

“There are few places more reassuring or safe than the arms of a loved one or the pages of a good book. [Richelle Bach's diary]”

“The price of love is the risk of losing it.” I frowned. “Is it worth the risk?” “I’ve thought a lot about that. I still think the greatest hurt isn’t to lose love, it’s the regret of never having it. To have never felt love, that would be true tragedy.”

“I've just always loved books. There's something magical about them, the ability to create feelings from ink on a page. Really, it's a form of alchemy. [Richelle Bach]”

“think one of the worst enemies of creativity is self-doubt.”

“he was telling the story to the Pharisees: self-righteous, proud, and judgmental people who looked down on others. People like me. He was trying to teach them to look past their pride and into their hearts—to embrace the lost not with judgment or condemnation but with celebration.”

“We're two broken people, aren't we?' [Richelle Bach] He [Justin Ek] nodded. 'That's okay. Broken things usually fit better together.”

“Wasted dreams, I suppose.” “I don’t think there’s such a thing,” Justin said. “Dreams have value”

“Trust is something that's built over time, but it takes faith to make that leap. [Justin Ek)”

“They’re too busy building monuments to themselves.”

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