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The Bullet That Missed

Richard Osman

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If murder were easy, none of us would survive Christmas.”

“Everyone wants to feel special, but nobody wants to feel different,”

“Very few things are so important you would risk your life for them, but all sorts of things are important enough to risk somebody else’s life.”

“There are scars, yes, but that at least means the bleeding has stopped.”

“I have been Googling, but there’s not much out there. I got so desperate I even used Bing,”

“At one point he brushed my hand and there was electricity, but I think that was the combination of the deep carpet outside the restaurant and my new cardigan.”

“People drift in and out of your life, and, when you are younger, you know you will see them again. But now every old friend is a miracle.”

“It’s the people, in the end, isn’t it?” says Viktor. “It’s always the people. You can move halfway around the world to find your perfect life, move to Australia if you like, but it always comes down to the people you meet.”

“If life ever seems too complicated, if you think no one can help, sometimes the right person to turn to is an eight-year-old.”

“You need everything to change. That chaos is where you are able to hide yourself.”

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