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Rachel Wooten

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When we help another, we are helped. If we harm another, we harm ourselves. Perhaps harder to grasp—if we harm ourselves, we harm the whole universe.”

“Laughing about your mistakes and disappointments brings sweet humility and self-acceptance as you explore your inner world through spirituality, therapy, writing, art, or other creative work.”

“Your heart opens when a new teaching settles into your body, bringing tears of recognition, happiness, and relief. You start recognizing your signs that this is truth for you.”

“Release the old imprints of isolation and separateness, letting them wither and die like a vine that no longer has any purpose. Rest in this protected place in which you are nourished and, in turn, nourish others who need your time, love, and attention.”

“the spiritual development of a single individual has the power to transform everyone around them”

“enemies are never people, but the demons of doubt, jealousy, hatred, self-loathing, greed, and blinding misperceptions and misunderstandings within our-selves and between ourselves and others”

“When your heart opens in response to wisdom from any tradition, you have found a place of refuge.”

“When you treasure what you have and consciously note what sustains you— the preciousness of your relationships, the special moments, as well as routine events that provide richness and texture to your days—a sense of direction emerges through the different phases of your life. Take time to link the jewels of your experience together. Your sense of purpose evolves organically without having to create a life agenda in advance or force yourself to choose a certain path because you lack patience for the necessary waiting.”

“Tibetan Buddhism defines enemies as hidden influences that cause people to behave inappropriately, sometimes to the point of complete destruction. Hidden influences might be imprints from early life or even lifetimes before this one. They manifest as energetic disturbances that arise inside and take over the personality.”

“The truth of constant change is an innate reminder of your mysterious nature, which is rooted in the infinite realm of formlessness. You too are spacious. Innumerable options are available to you at all times in your thinking, feeling, behaving, and creating.”

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