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Curveball: When Your Faith Takes Turns You Never Saw Coming

Peter Enns

Top 10 Best Quotes

“the central role of experience in the life of faith is widely recognized now in academic circles as a no-brainer.”

“reality isn’t what it used to be.”

“my disruptive experiences are not outside impositions to or an attack on my faith, but are the soil out of which my faith matures and takes shape.”

“White privilege is not an overt act of racism but the simple observation that people of white skin are historically and culturally dominant, and therefore seen as the standard or norm.”

“What is at stake is a faith that can actually remain sustainable and meaningful because it listens to the challenges of the present as we follow the God who is always out ahead of us, ready to surprise us.”

“We do not comprehend but can only trust that our heavens, as it was for the psalmist, are declaring for us the glory of God. And that glory is as far from our understanding as are the distant galaxies that swirl about in the infinite expanses of the universe.”

“There is no pure “theology” to be contrasted to “feminist theology” or “Black theology,” because the supposed pure theology is driven by its own encultured concerns and assumptions.”

“The role of the church is to be doctor and nurse, not judge and jury.”

“The big lesson I learned from wrestling with my own curveballs is how deeply my faith in God had been cemented in fear—which is to say, how I viewed God as very much antagonistic toward me. And so any thought on my part of listening to my experiences and interrogating my inherited faith—to inspect its boundaries let alone climb over its walls—was seen as a crisis that had to be averted or at least resolved immediately.”

“That model is built on seeing God as a relentless, compassionate inner presence in my life, always beckoning me forward. That model is one of peace, curiosity, and hopefulness and rests on my embrace of the mystery and love of God.”

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