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Steel Crow Saga

Paul Krueger

Top 10 Best Quotes

“To share a table with someone is to share everything.”

“I've found that the ones you lose have a way of coming back to you.”

“You can do anything if you love someone enough.”

“When you're on the worst kind of job, audacity's the only thing that'll get you through it: being willing to do something so stupid, there's no way anyone could see it coming.”

“The wise king is the one who knows he isn't.”

“Our beautiful language has gifted us with sch a multitude of words,” Xiulan said. “What better way to glorify them than with their use?”

“My firing instructor always said someone with good aim can kill. Someone with great aim doesn't have to.”

“When a person dies from a gunshot, you don't blame the bullet. You blame the shooter.”

“We all have such finite time, even when the spirits are kind.”

“This one talks even more than you,” Tala said to Jimuro. “That’s what I said.”

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