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Nina G. Jones

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You don’t get to set me on fire and leave me like a pile of ashes.”

“Because as soon as I leave after having you, I want you again. And then even when I have that, it’s not enough. When I see another man look at you the way I do, I want to kill him. I want to swallow you. I want to consume you. I want to possess you. I want you.”

“This man is my stalker, my terrorizer, my lover.”

“I fucking hate him and I want him so bad.”

“Hate can become so ingrained in you that it becomes part of your identity, your psyche. You define yourself with that hatred, so that if it leaves and there is nothing else to replace it, you lose a piece of yourself. I think when you feel anything strong enough it becomes its opposite. I think you can love someone so hard that you hate them. And I think you can hate someone so hard you grow attached. That’s why some people spend their whole lives hating someone they repeatedly invite into their lives: they don’t even know who they are without it.”

“but the heart is the biggest fool,”

“What kind of a name is Tax?” “It’s the name of a person who always collects a debt,” I say, watching her breath hitch in response to my words.”

“If I am going to exchange my dignity for sex, then I better get some fucking sex.”

“He’s light and dark, forgiveness and vengeance, beauty and ugliness. He’s all those things. My beautiful savage.”

“But just as soon as fear hits, I smell him, his signature aroma, his musky cologne, and I feel...relief. Relief because he is the devil I know.”

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