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The Fae Princes

Nikki St. Crowe

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Hindsight is a zero-sum game where time is the winner and you’re the loser. Always.”

“Don’t cry, little girl,” he says. “It was a long time ago.”  “Yes, but time means nothing to heartbreak.”

“my heart beats a little faster in my chest as the reality of Neverland and my new life comes into sharper focus. I’m living in a fairytale and this is only the beginning.”

“amor fati or, the love of one’s fate.”

“Would you like a play by play? Do you want to know where I’ll stick my cock, how I’ll make her scream my name? Destroying something can feel good, Smee. I promise you that.” “You are hopeless,” she says. “Aren’t we all in this godforsaken island chain?”

“Vane is right—Darling is our weakness and Tink knows it.”

“Time means nothing to heartbreak.”

“Neverland has always been a place of magic and impossibility, hasn’t it, Peter Pan?”

“My granddad used to say that bad weather was god trying to tell us something.” “And what do you think he’s trying to tell us?” “That we’re fucked.”

“I’m no artist, but I’m an expert at violence and I will paint a fucking masterpiece with your blood.”

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