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"Zaki's Gift Of Love"

Mohammed Zaki Ansari

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When Politician turned into a showman, followers turned into a cheerleader. For a leader, it may be a promotion, but for followers, it's demotion”

“The Dictator never comes with a whip or a sword in hand. On the one hand, it has a begging bowl of sympathy and a basket of dreams on the other hand”

“Peace", this word is the biggest lie spoken by world leaders for years, if it were true then there would be no deadly lethal weapon in the world”

“Just a Thought, No question on personal choice !!! "There is an extra love for autumn, Most of the people love autumn. But why? if it destroys all greenery and leaves. Are we human by nature like this that we love something which destroys trees, greenery, and leaves”

“Break up of some relations sometimes don't just break the connection between to bodies, for someone it can be a disconnect with his soul and disconnect with soul its called "Death”

“Woman is not like a flower Woman is not like Moon Woman is not like stars Woman is not like ocean or river She is like you human being with soul, feelings, emotions, choices, decisions, self-respect so respect her in that way”

“Why does this word come on your tongue? without thinking about it. If you are calling your partner "babe," then you are treating your relationship by following social trends, not your heart.”

“When you betray to someone, first you betray to that one who speaks somewhere inside you that you are a good human” And that's you”

“When history searches and reaches you, it's not knowledge, it's information and you don't know if it is fabricated, corrupt, a lie or propaganda. When you search for history and reach out for history, you become a knowledgeable and sensible person.”

“When I die Don't come to my grave to tell me how much you love me and how much you miss me because at that time these worlds will be senseless Love people and give love to people in their lifetime this only makes sense”

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