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The Last Bling King

Mike Hockney

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Life’s just a movie. And some of us are in good ones and some in bad. Well, I think mine is the best there is. And this is how my movie ends.”

“We live in the society of the capitalist spectacle, mate, the more spectacular the better. Build it and they will come, as that old baseball movie says. We worship the event, the occasion, the unmissable show. We want Super Sunday, the Thriller in Manila, the showdown of the century…the things that bring the highest profits for the capitalist organisers. If you’re not at the event, you’re nobody. Life has passed you by. That’s the tyranny of the spectacle. Yet, if you think about it, the spectacle is the biggest joke of all – because all the people at the event are desperate not to be losers. Who wants to be in a collection of people fleeing from fear of failure? Losers and the spectacle go together, the winners performing and the losers watching. The spectacle is how losers numb the pain, how they crave to be part of something, on the winning side for once. The LLN have decided to harness the society of the spectacle too, but not the capitalist version where small groups perform to large groups and get paid a fortune. Instead, the LLN offer the spectacle of life. And Revolution is the greatest spectacle of all.”

“If you had to watch your life over and over again forever, it would be hell if your life were shit. I absolutely get it. If we don’t live lives we can be proud of, we’re fucked”

“If most of us want good closing images, we have to change society. If we must watch our life over and over again forever on the day we die then we need our own revolution, starting from within. Or we’ll be in hell. Hell is yourself. Or rather hell is watching your shit life being replayed for eternity. Everyone should place the movie of their life on an LCD screen built into the headstone of their grave, and set on an infinite loop. Then anyone who stops by the grave to look at your movie will soon know whether you’ve gone to heaven or hell.”

“Would we want the headstone over our grave to say, “No point in watching the movie of this person’s life. It was a bore, reality TV at its worst. This person didn’t do anything interesting with his life, and had no good adventures. He did everything conventionally, just going through the same routines as everyone else. He had a couple of girlfriends, got married to one, had children, bought a house, held down a dreary job, paid off his mortgage, retired…died. Millions of others did exactly the same, a story not worth telling, a life not worth living, a movie not worth seeing”

“We’re all extras in others’ movies. Why not be the stars?”

“We live in the Movie Age. We should make a list of the movies we’ve loved and hated, the ones that bored us, inspired us, made us laugh or cry, sick or elated. Then we need to compare those movies with our own life. Would anyone else want to watch the movie of our life? Would we want to watch it ourselves? Maybe we’d be the only person in the cinema even though admission was free. Maybe even we would walk out. And if it was that bad, shouldn’t we be doing something about it? When Hollywood movies really stink, the directors want their names removed from the credits. “Alan Smithee” is the name that gets used instead. How many of us are in Alan Smithee movies? If we could avoid using our real name, we would.”

“To really get life, to really go for it, you must have nothing to lose. Only then can you gain everything.”

“The worst thing anyone can say is, "I don’t like my movie…I want to watch yours instead." You might as well be dead.”

“That was how my movie ended. How will yours?”

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