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The Secrets She Keeps

Michael Robotham

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She says I should reach out and build bridges, but I think certain bridges are meant to burn and it’s a shame some people can’t be on them when it happens.”

“We need the darkness to appreciate the light, and the bumps along the road to stop us falling asleep at the wheel.”

“is so strange, this life we lead. We search for happiness, but so much is about survival. Existence. We try to manage expectations, but really we’re treading water, wasting time, or contemplating lives we might have led. Pretty soon we’re like every other godless, money-hungry, backstabbing, jaded, jealous human being, wishing we were richer, prettier, younger, luckier, or could do it all over again.”

“My love for a child will be greater than my love for an adult because it is a singular love that isn’t based on physical attraction, or shared experiences, or the pleasures of intimacy, or time together. It is unconditional, immeasurable, unshakeable.”

“I feel sorry for hookers these days—how do they stand out anymore?”

“They trap us like that - babies- with one look they can take hold of our hearts because our hearts have no defences against such beauty and fragility.”

“The value of a secret depends upon whom you’re trying to keep it from.”

“The planet turns. Time passes. We move forward even when we’re standing still.”

“Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper,”

“Today was not ours, but there’s always tomorrow.”

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