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Give Me Your Hand

Megan Abbott

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The fear all men have that there’s something inside us that shifts, and turns. A living thing, once dormant, stirring now, and filled with rage.”

“It felt like you could hurt her just by looking at her, or you could never hurt her at all.”

“But the truth is, you can rarely undo things. This is what you realize after one of your parents dies.”

“(When your mom is gone, the thing no one ever tells you is that the little compass needle inside keeps spinning around and around, never finding north.)”

“A professor once described the brain to me as a great silent vault. A dark theater with nothing playing on the screen. Just electrical charges bouncing corner to corner, like lightbulbs flashing off and on. Science doesn’t yet have any idea how everyone’s private, personal experience of the world springs from that empty vault. We don’t know yet why we sleep or why we dream. What and how we remember. The world is a fiction the brain constructs. The smell of a fresh peach, the punch of a firefly in the night sky. The lilting hush-hush of a first lullaby. The brain fashions it all and we don’t know how, or why.”

“she told me her secret. And showed me what darkness was, and is, and how it works, and how it never goes away or ends.”

“When you get away with something it’s yours only, forever. Heavy and irremediable.”

“Something was consuming the girl. I need help. She thought of her in that interview room, slightly breathless and entrancing. Wanting desperately to be told that nothing was her fault, that her body and brain had conspired against her. The feeling she must have, always, of being in between worlds, the worlds separated only by an impenetrable pane of glass.”

“My head is so full of plans that it seems aflame.”

“In some animal part of my brain, I guess I thought looking her up might somehow summon her. So I never did. And she came anyway.”

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