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The Lost Notebook of Édouard Manet

Maureen Gibbon

Top 10 Best Quotes

“...that is the way with love affairs--they occupy your mind wholly for a time, and then they become distant countries where you no longer speak the language and have forgotten all the landmarks. [Édouard Manet]”

“Why does no one tell you that work, not love, is the real salvation? Because if we told young people how life really was, they would beat us with their fists and ask why we brought them into this world. [Édouard Manet]”

“One can paint a moment or time of day. Even the feeling of a moment. It is what Impressionism is--the painting of a moment. But how does one paint movement itself? Paint time passing? [Édouard Manet]”

“ seems to me suicide is its own kind of 'death in battle,' and it may stand in for all our sufferings... People commit suicide when they are at war with sadness, or fear, or loneliness, or pain. When a single blow seems preferable to daily assault. Suicide is not heroic, nor romantic, nor idealistic, but neither is it cowardly or sinful. Made in a fit of passion or very deliberately, it is a choice. [Édouard Manet]”

“We are all always the heroes of our stories, or the villains--we never play a bit part. [Édouard Manet]”

“The idea that old men become peaceful or philosophical--what shit. One learns to endure, that is all. [Édouard Manet]”

“Shame and doubt, the two great cripplers... [Édouard Manet]”

“If anything, I have learned that the worst pain never comes when I think it will, and never returns in the exact same way. You go to bed with one pain and wake up with another. It wears as many disguises as a masker at a ball. [Édouard Manet]”

“How is it that strangers sometimes support you more than your friends? No, that is not wholly true--no one could be more loyal than Tonin. Maybe it is simply that you rely so heavily on old friends that their voices in your head begin to sound like your own, and when you hear a new friend's words, they fall like fresh rain. [Édouard Manet]”

“Hope--I keep saying the word, marveling at it. Modern and world-weary, we think we are beyond it. Too wise, too jaded, we think we are past such a thing. We know what the world is, what men do to other men, and to women, and what anyone may do to a child. We have seen horrors. Executioners in uniforms. Poverty. Illness. Then It come with its threadlike feet and delicate wings. It drinks our sweat and tears, and once again we believe things are possible. [Édouard Manet]”

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