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Spice Road

Maiya Ibrahim

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It is magic, how words can be deadlier than daggers.”

“...That is the way of the world, Slayer. Everyone hates and distrusts what is unfamiliar to them.”

“Yes, Bright Blade, for light not shared is light that is diminished.”

“The truth is the thorn, not the rose.”

“Some things, once taken, can never be returned. Some things, once broken, are broken forever.”

“...fear is like water. If it is not contained, it leaches across any part of us it can, pooling in our lowest aspects and letting harmful things fester in its well...”

“What can I tell you, Slayer? Not all who are bad are bad the whole way through.”

“The blade follows the heart.”

“Should I not be angered equally for a stranger as for my own family, as I would want a stranger to do if it were Amira up there? Can one expect mercy for their own while refusing it to others?”

“It is a pity, Imani, how little of your people’s history you truly know. The truth has been hidden from you, and you have welcomed the deception with open arms.”

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