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Phantom Limb

Lucinda Berry

Top 10 Best Quotes

“No one was more proud of me than I was of myself.”

“I would like you all to try and remember that you are not your mental illness. Your mental illness is only a part of you.”

“I didn’t know how someone could be so sure of themselves without someone else defining them.”

“understood why Emily spent so much time sleeping. It was the closest you could get to death without physically dying.”

“When girls are sexually abused, they tend to behave in one of two ways—they either become extremely promiscuous, or they end up avoiding all forms of sexual behavior and become unresponsive to sex.”

“When children are young, there are critical periods of development where important tasks take place. One of the biggest tasks is the attachment to a primary caregiver. As psychologists, we know this is one of the most important things to happen during the first five years of life. Sometimes when it doesn’t occur, children grow up unable to form attachments with other people, or they form what we call disorganized attachment.”

“We’ve diagnosed you with a dissociative disorder. Dissociative disorders are on a spectrum much like most mental illnesses. They range from mildly impairing to severely impairing. Your disorder is what we would classify as being severely impairing because it’s negatively impacting your life on multiple levels.”

“The prospect of living a new way of life was more terrifying than any anticipation of my death.”

“The particular name for your disorder is a Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.”

“The alarm on his watch sounded, signaling the end of our break. We didn’t take our lunch in the break room anymore. We retreated to his white Honda to eat in private. We started doing it shortly after our first date as a way to spend time together, and we’d been doing it ever since. We were both busy balancing school and work and cherished our alone time during lunch. We put our stuff away and headed back inside”

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