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Lisa Taddeo

Top 10 Best Quotes

“May you not go around the world looking to fill what you fear you lack with the flesh of another human being.”

“She said women are considered strong these days only if they didn’t talk about things they loved that didn’t love them, if they didn’t get hurt or allow themselves to be occasionally humiliated at their own hands, when, really, strength was being unashamed to want what you want.”

“When someone suffocates you with what they believe is love, even as you feel your air supply being cut off, you at least feel embraced.”

“Men were always putting their coats around my shoulders. They mark their territory that way. It’s better to freeze to death.”

“My father did not become the bad guy for me. Not yet. That day I hated my mother for killing my father, but also for all the reasons you cannot say. Part of my child brain hated her because she wasn’t young enough or even beautiful enough. Because she wasn’t strong enough. Or because she was too strong. Because she was so complex where my father was not. I hated my mother, in short, for being a woman.”

“I believe all men have a rapist in them, just dying to get out.”

“The man is nothing. It’s what you think you are missing inside of yourself. I promise that you are missing nothing.”

“Little girls don’t kill people. They’re just silly little girls. But almost no one understands a little girl. We begin hard as marbles.”

“We were both getting what we needed, though I could have done without him. It turned out he could not do without me. He likened his relationship with me to Icarus. He was Icarus and I was the sun. Lines like these, which I wholly believed and still do, made me sick to my stomach. What kind of a girl wants to be a sun over a country she doesn’t even want to visit.”

“Men and their dogs. They will bring them everywhere and never forsake them. Unlike their women, children. Dogs want nothing of a man except all the things a man wants to give.”

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