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From A To Theta: Taking The Tricky Subject Of Religion And Explaining Why It Makes Sense In A Way We Can All Understand

Lewis N. Roe

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The role of the Christian is to let other people know what Jesus has done, not to think of themselves as a member of an exclusive Heaven club.”

“We have laws in our country that tell us not to murder or steal and we have police that enforce them. The question is whether you personally need the police to watch you. If they disappeared would you begin killing and thieving because you know no one will come after you, or will you carry on not doing it because it is what you actually believe is right?”

“To be good, is to be like God. Our purpose in life is to try and reach that standard. We will always fall short, but in our lifetime if we try our best to make a world where everyone is treated equally with respect, empathy, and compassion, the big payoff is that we will be rewarded with that exact thing in Heaven.”

“It's important to understand that if someone calls themselves a Christian, it does not automatically make everything they do an act of Christianity, even if they say it is.”

“If you are to believe that there are an infinite amount of universes with an infinite amount of possible variations on the laws of nature, then you are forced to admit that it is quite certain that in one of these parallel worlds dragons exist.”

“Imagine you have a bottle of bleach. Take the label off and replace it with one that reads 'whiskey'. Now ask yourself "What is in the bottle?". Have the contents changed just because of the label on it? Of course not.”

“If Captain Jean-Luc Picard asked you to serve him aboard the starship Enterprise, you'd likely be happy to. You would recognise him as a great leader and a good man, and so you wouldn't have any problem following his orders. This is basically the relationship God wants with us - not slaves, not pets, not possessions, we would be co-workers and friends.”

“God's being good does not somehow magically make all Christians good.”

“Whether you say that a god does exist, or that none do, it is a claim to know (or at least believe in) something. Once you claim to know something, you can't call that a lack of belief in the opposite view and then say it's the place that you started.”

“When looking for evidence that something exists, it's silly to start by assuming that it is impossible. Taking any assumptions into study is bad science.”

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