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Angel Stories. Angelic Tales of the Universe. Tales 1 through 6.

Leland Lewis

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Upon awakening you may find no need to speak nothing to say and no one to convince. Your very presence will spread happiness wisdom and truth to all you may encounter... along the Way.”

“All that you are forever to Be, Is prior to... and just beyond Infinity.”

“Who is God? On a nice day go into the forest alone. Lay on your back in the soft green grass so that you can see the sky through the tree tops. Then ask your question to the sky for no answer will be found in mere human words.”

“We use our words and languages to describe the infinite Universe within and around. Yet this infinite Oneness is eternally prior to and beyond all words or description....”

“Q: Did God create man or did man create God? A: Well no, not really. The infinite and observable cause and effect that permeates all manifestation is prior to and beyond any and all thoughtforms, beliefs, or ideologies that arise from the tiny sentient material entities who attempt to verbally define the Great Sacred Mystery of Source. To imagine that a human is the cause of Source is like a bird imagining they created the sky through which they fly...”

“All that you know; or believe to be true; Is no limit for All that Is; on a tiny planet whirling through an Infinite Sky. So be open. Be an empty vessel. Have the innocent curiosity of a child of the Universe. In this Way allow the Universe to flow freely through your Oneness and your profound inner silence of open heart, mind and Spirit. Surrender all preconception. become only immersed within the Infinite Way of Love Light and Oneness”

“About Reincarnation Q~ After death can one be lured backward into physical reincarnation rather then transcendence into the higher Celestial Realms of the One? A~ In the realm of transcendence you will find no conspiracy. Those who reincarnate do so because they have not yet balanced the effects of Karma within their consciousness. So they are not yet fully Realized. They have not yet stepped off of the wheel of the birth death cycle of the cause and effect realms of the material plane.”

“Your greatest teacher is the One with you always”

“Within the Unity of the gathered and the awakened visualizing and connecting as a sacred circle there can become manifest a quantum Divine 'Buddha field' as a geometry of light transference telepathy and amplification. It is a clear method for Universal Mind awakening.”

“What is Enlightenment? Samadhi, "the breathless state" is a direct experience of Unity with the All. The experience of Samadhi is blissful beyond all words and explosive; like ten thousand orgasms of love within the entire cranium and body/mind. Samadhi is the eighth and final step on the path of yoga, as defined by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Their are four such Samadhis which corelate to the four highest chakras. The first Samadhi which is also called Satori in Zen Buddhism in enlightenment of the body. The second Samadhi, Bhava Samadhi is the enlightenment of the heart as infinite love, The third Samadhi has to do with the opening of the rainbow eye and enlightenment of the infinite mind and the fourth Samadhi relates to the crown chakra and is also referred to as Nirvana or the direct blissful experience of infinite Oneness.”

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