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This Girl's Got Game: A Smart Girls Guide to Having the Upper Hand over Men in This Game Called Love

Leandra De Andrade

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You know the voice inside your head that taunts you whenever you try to be optimistic? It criticizes you when things get tough. It whines and repeats negative mantras like “You can’t do it. You’ll never be loved. You’re going to look stupid.” Let's call that voice Self-Doubt. Every negative thought you've ever had about yourself came from Self-Doubt. Whenever you focus on what Self-Doubt says, you activate the feelings those thoughts created in you. When you remember and dwell on these negative thoughts, Self-Doubt strips you of your confidence. Self-Doubt is like a manipulative man. It tries to belittle you and steal your happiness. It wants to leave you scared and insecure. The only way to silence Self-Doubt is by consciously activating another thought. In other words, remove a negative thought by replacing it with another thought.”

“Yes, you have flaws, but you are also flawless. Yes, you have been hurt, but you are indestructible. You’re a remarkable, phenomenal woman who is worthy of respect and love.”

“Women are naturally created to be alluring, beautiful, influential, sensual, and persuasive. We have maternal instincts which help intuitively identify and avoid dangerous situations and individuals. We are psychologically superior at communication and processing words. We have better cognitive skills. And the female body even produces pheromones specifically designed to attract men. So why do women chase men and allow men to use them for amusement and sex? Why do women tend to fall so quickly for sweet talkers and bad boys? ”Why do they turn a blind eye when men cheat and settle for men who don’t make them happy? I’ll tell you why. It's because few women understand the power they have.”

“When you are dating someone, especially when the relationship is new, relying on him financially means relinquishing your independence. Single or married, no woman should be obligated to stay in a man pocket.”

“Using your power as a woman is not about dominance or control over the man in your life. It’s about being observant and persuasive and nudging your man to be the best he can be for you. If you strip a man of his masculinity and opinions, he will lose respect for himself, you, and your relationship”

“There’s no denying that men and women are different. But as gender equality increases, our awareness of important differences between the sexes decreases. Our way of life demands a woman to do it all and be it all. But I believe if women knew and understood the differences between men and women, we would have the upper hand in relationships.”

“There’s a common misconception about power in relationships. Women assume we need to think like men to hold power. But, I ask: why think like a man when women are the ones with all the power? You only need to learn about the leverage you have to unlock your potential”

“The upside is that every rejection you face will ultimately redirect you to someone better. If a man stops pursuing you after the first couple of dates, he’s saved you from more hurt and anger if you had made an investment. When the shame of rejection passes, you will realize that being ignored was a lucky break. A Girl with Game doesn’t settle. She waits for a man to pursue her and sweep her off her feet.”

“The difference between the Huntress and the Girl with Game is distinct. A Girl with Game knows she provides something unique, while a Huntress doesn’t. Any girl can entice a man. But it takes true game to make him stay. A Girl with Game stands out from the Huntress who only attracts men with her sexuality.”

“Don’t waste your time with Mr. Wrong. There are many Mr. Rights out there who are real men who want a real relationship. They aren't focused on physical attraction alone and certainly are not interested in a woman sacrificing her physical health, comfort, values, beliefs, and self-respect to please someone else. The right man is interested in a strong, confident woman because he knows she will bring value to his life. These are the only men whose opinions should matter to you.”

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