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The Shadow Cipher

Laura Ruby

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The therapist her parents brought her to see liked Tess to do a lot of drawings. . . . He said, "It's interesting that you drew yourself with this little golden crown on your head. What does the crown mean to you?" "That's not a crown," she'd told him. "That's a nimbus of outrage.”

“Is your work finished or is it just due?”

“Who are you today?” her mom asked. “Isn’t it obvious?” “Not to anyone over the age of seven.” “I’m a ballerina-spy-deathmetalhead.” “Lovely,” said her mother.”

“They think they're the only ones who understand the real truth about the world, and that it's everyone else who's been tricked. . . . The biggest problem we have is that people like to fool themselves into thinking that they could never be fooled.”

“the church had three burial sites—the churchyard at Wall Street and Broadway, the Trinity Church”

“older movie they’d seen many times about a guy who finds out his life is not really a life, but some sort of computer-generated virtual reality, and he has to save the world from the tyranny of the machines.”

“The true story of any city is never a single tale; it’s a vast collection of stories with many different heroes. But most storytellers believe that theirs is the only true story and that they are the only true heroes.”

“The energy of young people powers the world. You are smart, Theo. More than that, you are curious, and that will carry you.”

“That's way too adorable," Tess said. "You keep saying that coincidences are adorable when I don't see how one has anything to do with the other," Theo said. "Koala-pandas are adorable." "You're adorable," Tess said. Jaime said, "I'm thinking it's a little adorable, too. Cuddly, at least." "You're hurting my head," said Theo.”

“I’m a lady and these are my lady bites.” “Mouth closed, please. No one needs to witness your mastication process,” said Tess’s father,”

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