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Space, in Chains

Laura Kasischke

Top 10 Best Quotes

“July, that lovely hell, all velvet dresses and drapes stuffed into a hot little hole.”

“Home" It would take forever to get there but I would know it anywhere: My white horse grazing in my blossomy field. Its soft nostrils. The petals falling from the trees into the stream. The festival would be about to begin in the dusky village in the distance. The doe frozen at the edge of the grove: She leaps. She vanishes. My face— She has taken it. And my name— (Although the plaintive lark in the tall grass continues to say and to say it.) Yes. This is the place. Where my shining treasure has been waiting. Where my shadow washes itself in my fountain. A few graves among the roses. Some moss on those. An ancient bell in a steeple down the road making no sound at all as the monk pulls and pulls on the rope.”

“When I built my luminous prison around you, you simply lay down at the center of it and died.”

“And this letter I didn't send how surprising to find it now. All this love I must have felt.”

“The urgent warnings: The dreamy terror of certain summer mornings.”

“The letters, the fading. The labyrinth, the cake. The four hundred brackish lakes of the brain. She searches for the music, but she can't find it. Oh, God, it was here only the other day.”

“The heart hacked out of the center of an overgrown hedge with an ax To live beyond the brain”

“The aunts gathered around the fiery cake chanting, Make a wish! Make a wish!”

“I am the impossibility of desiring the person you pity. And the petal of the Easter lily—”

“And all the embezzled cents and dollars of the last time I saw you.”

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