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What the Fireflies Knew

Kai Harris

Top 10 Best Quotes

“All these words that other people use to label us, to decide who we are, who we gon’ be.”

“Our children don’t have to make the same mistakes we did.” Granddaddy speaks, calm. “Let ’em decide who to be for themselves.”

“It’s like I’m standing in a field full of fireflies, struggling to catch ’em all, when really, I just gotta slow down and catch one.”

“But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my family, it’s that when you hurt, you gotta ignore it and pretend it don’t exist; otherwise it’ll swallow you whole.”

“was the one who found Daddy dead, crammed in the little space where my old bike’s training wheels turned rusted.”

“that word, fiend. But I had heard Momma yell it at Daddy sometimes on the days the basement steps would rot with a sour stench.”

“get that Momma is sad, but her sad is so big that it takes away from other people. Sometimes it feels like Momma’s grief for Daddy keeps me from having my own grief for Daddy. I bet it’s hard to lose a husband, but it’s hard to lose a daddy, too. I guess she don’t get that, though, cause her daddy been right here this whole time, and she barely even sees him.”

“cause they was there. And now you got a big ol’ hole where that person used to be.”

“all a matter of what you choose to focus on.”

“You gotta fill that hole with the memories, else you might lose ’em for good.”

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