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That Sik Luv

Jescie Hall

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Recognize Briony, that I’m the air to your fire. All you need to do is fan the flame.”

“You’re a woman without a voice, Briony,” he whispers against my lips. “Let me be the throat through which you scream.”

“You’re a filthy little doll, taking cock so deep in your ass.”

“You, Aero, are the throat from which I’ve been allowed to scream,”

“We’re toxic. My blood, infected with the same sick love he owns for me. We crave this illness. The pain, the torture, the obsession, the taunting, the teasing, the domination, the submission.”

“Violence is my love language, and she speaks my native tongue.”

“Trust that I’ve got you. I need you to love this because I plan on doing it often.”

“Tonight I’ll meet my demon in the dark.”

“That sick love is the kind I now inevitably crave.”

“Taking lives is as easy as it sounds. It’s dealing with the weight of that conscience that seeps deep into the bones of the weak that’s difficult to conquer.”

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