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The October Amaryllis

Jeffrey Calhoun

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The main problem I have with society is that people often do what’s popular before what’s right. It’s like we blindly follow so many things and people just because everyone else is doing it. Me? I like to form my own personal opinion on things before trying them. That's why most critics suck; they always hate things that should be loved and love what they're meant to hate.”

“That’s the thing with drugs first, you control them, and then they control you…”

“That’s my weakness right there, girls with beautiful voices. I could fall in love with a girl just by hearing her voice; I don’t even have to see her for it to happen.”

“So many good things are over far too quickly.”

“Nostalgia can be so painful at times; nothing is worse than wanting what you can't have.”

“I’m probably the biggest hypocrite of all time; I do exactly what I claim to hate and get all defensive when people call me out on it.”

“I’m not very smart; to be honest with you, I just act smart to hide my emotional scars. I hide behind the veil of pseudo-intellectualism to protect my fragile ego.”

“I’ll do what is right no matter what I have to do to accomplish it. I’ll break every law out there if it makes the world a better place.”

“I’ll admit that I’m afraid to admit that I don’t like something sometimes, it’s like you’re expected to like certain things, and if you don’t then, you get treated like an outcast.”

“I’d honestly rather have a bunch of cats than a million dollars; at least cats don’t make you feel lonely. Just the thought of money makes me depressed; it controls the world. You can get away with anything if you have enough dough. That’s one thing I like about the Bible; it talks about how destructive greed is. People treat mammon as their God, you know? If I ever won the lottery, I’d give up all my money and go to live in the wild like that Chris McCandless guy, except I’d be smart about it and survive. I’d also buy a sasquatch suit just to mess with cryptologists; some moron would record me and claim that I was “proof” of bigfoot or some nonsense. People disappoint me so much sometimes…”

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