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Irish Fairy Tales

James Stephens

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Let the past be content with itself, for man needs forgetfulness as well as memory”

“Tell me your past, my beloved, for a man is his past, and is to be known by it.”

“It is by love alone that we understand anything”

“We get wise by asking questions, and even if these are not answered we get wise, for a well-packed question carries its answer on its back as a snail carries its shell.”

“A poem is a revelation, and it is by the brink of running water that poetry is revealed to the mind.”

“Why do you live on the bank of a river?' was one of these questions. 'Because a poem in a revelation, and it is by the brink of running water that poetry is revealed to the mind.”

“There are more worlds than one, and in many ways they are unlike each other. But joy and sorrow, or, in other words, good and evil,are not absent in their degree from any of the worlds, for wherever there is life there is action, and action is but the expression of one or other of these qualities.”

“In truth we do not go to Faery, we become Fairy, and in the beating of a pulse we may live for a year or a thousand years.”

“There is a difference between this world and the world of Faery, but it is not immediately perceptible. Everything that is here is there, but the things that are there are better than those that are here. All things that are bright are there brighter. There is more gold in the sun and more silver in the moon of that land. There is more scent in the flowers, more savour in the fruit. There is more comeliness in the men and more tenderness in the women. Everything in Faery is better by this one wonderful degree, and it is by this betterness you will know that you are there if you should ever happen to get there.”

“Fionn went [...] to carve a name for himself that will live while Time has an ear and knows an Irishman”

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