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The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire

Jack Weatherford

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Every society produces its own cultural conceits, a set of lies and delusions about itself that thrive in the face of all contrary evidence.”

“In the Mongol perspective, challenges choose us, but we choose how to respond. Destiny brings the opportunities and the misfortunes, and the merit of our lives derives from those unplanned moments.”

“Unlike societies that employed baroque procedures for distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate children, the Mongols accepted all children as equal. No child could be born without the consent of the Eternal Blue Sky. No earthly law or custom could presume to declare the child illegitimate.”

“No friend is better than your own wise heart!” Genghis Khan”

“Although there are many things you can rely on, no one is more reliable than yourself,”

“Although many people can be your helper, no one should be closer to you than your own consciousness.”

“While words may be altered or censored, the truth endures, even when not properly recorded. Truth can be forgotten, misplaced, or lost, but never annihilated.”

“The royal Mongol women raced horses, commanded in war, presided as judges over criminal cases, ruled vast territories, and sometimes wrestled men in public sporting competitions. They arrogantly rejected the customs of civilized women of neighboring cultures, such as wearing the veil, binding their feet, or hiding in seclusion.”

“Outlawing the sale or barter of women marked Genghis Khan’s first important departure from tribal practices regarding marriage, and gradually through a series of such changes he transformed the social position of his daughters, and thereby of all women, within his burgeoning empire.”

“Khatun Temur, literally “Queen Iron,” and Khatun Baatar, “Queen Hero.”

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Book Keywords:

nationalism, society, self-delusion

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