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House of Trelawney

Hannah Rothschild

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Can you miss someone you haven’t seen for longer than you knew them? Maybe we rue the time not the person.”

“You have an opportunity to help someone, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life,” Alvira continued, “it’s better to be needed than wanted. Desire and romantic love pass, leaving little trace. But dependency has an afterglow, the satisfaction of having done something good.”

“The mundanity of those chores, the repetition, acts as a kind of meditation. I start each day with a series of numbers and questions written on a piece of paper, put them in my pocket and get on with the business of farming. By mid morning the answers are clear.”

“Our ability to tell, create and believe in stories is Homo sapiens’s most powerful weapon. It’s how we organise ourselves, how we control each other, how we justify our decisions. If we didn’t have them, we’d be like fleas or rabbits or any other member of the animal kingdom, beings just trying to get through the day. Religion is just a story. Waitrose tells a better story than Lidl. Most things you learn at school are irrelevant, but you’ve been assured they’re important. You buy your car from one company over another because a salesman told you a better tale about its gearbox or revolutions per minute.”

“Is it about lack of closure, unfinished business?" he asked. "Or perhaps that, whether people are with us or not, the relationship keeps on going. The dead only leave the room; they remain firmly in our lives.”

“History is like waves on a seashore: tides come and go but nothing really changes.”

“Capriciousness is the preserve of the old. So marvelous to be able to let random thoughts pour from the mind to the tongue without pause or retribution.”

“. . . family is a thing you have to put up with. You hope to respect them, even like them, but it’s better not to set the bar too high.”

“whether people are with us or not, the relationship keeps on going. The dead only leave the room; they remain firmly in our lives.”

“What happens between two people is mystifying; the opposite of what you think can be closer to the truth.”

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