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Hanna Abi Akl

Top 10 Best Quotes

“you abandon yourself in a cavity of pain a butterfly in a hurricane: vital, fragile and obscene”

“my muse is absent and my days are already condemned before they begin”

“i fear as much the long, slow suffering as the thunderous, sudden end”

“how can you love me when my touch is like ice so cold it burns?”

“the best places aren’t easy to see; instead of following light one must follow silence”

“show me the city that does not mourn its fallen whose pillars embrace white coffins and freeze time and distort space”

“i offer you god whose ubiquitous presence you will not take lightly in hazardous moments or chance encounters: that is where he appears”

“i look like a yellow child of the sun dumped into this world walking towards the crusade of myself that starts at your feet and ends maybe in the next world”

“i like to believe in a forbidden eternity where such sacred dreams run to”

“i am blessed with grief and blessed with sorrow and with the gift of living”

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