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Dark Imperium

Guy Haley

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The Emperor loves no one man, thought Guilliman. He cannot afford affection – that is the honest practical for the impossible task that faces the Master of Mankind. He did not love His sons, He does not love men, but He does love mankind. I find it hard to forgive Him. Did His solution have to be built on lies? Lies upon lies?”

“Humanity is not measured on form alone, but by deeds, my lord,’ said Ventris. ‘A mortal man may be inhuman towards other men, yet I have seen xenos behave with honour and fairness when we offer them nothing but hate.”

“Power is corrosive, thought Calgar. It erodes respect. It erodes common sense.”

“Keep your eyes forward. Look at what is to come, he told himself. The past is dead, the present nearly so. Only in the future is there life.”

“What intrigued Felix was how the primarch explained his actions. Whichever he said was most important to him depended on who he was speaking to. In this way, the primarch directed the energies of his followers according to their own prejudices without actually lying to them.”

“We constantly battle the sins of the fathers, thought Guilliman. That is no less true on an eternal scale than it is within the history of a single world. We suffer because of those that have gone before.”

“This is I, whose preoccupation was to hurry the Great Crusade to an end so that I could get on with the business of peace!' He laughed at himself. 'Perhaps I would have failed, even if I had lived longer. These rulers who deny my seal and my right to revoke our treaties, they are not evil, they are not stupid, they are simply limited as all men are limited'.”

“The promises of Chaos were false. There was no immortality, no freedom from suffering, no easy road to power. Their youth, their health, their vitality - all of it would have been stolen away, replaced with a life-in-death. It began with a sincere desire to do good; it ended with damnation.”

“The Emperor had allowed them to love Him, and to believe He loved them in return. He had not. His primarchs were weapons, that was all.”

“Seeing Guilliman as a man perturbed Felix. The Imperium needed someone above humanity to lead them, not a man with a man's faults.”

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