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Gena Showalter

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everyone has a story, and I will be the author of mine.”

“Hate never kept me warm at night. Never held me when I cried. Never patched me up when I was injured. Like”

“Never give up! If you're breathing, there's hope!”

“six fundamental virtues: love, wisdom, truth, goodness, mercy and justice. “Through”

“With kindness, you brighten the world. With cruelty, you darken yourself.”

“Light is knowledge. Darkness is confusion. Light is strength, like being connected to a battery. Light is love, the reason we live. It is hope. No matter how magnificent or how bleak our situation, we can have better. Light is truth. There are no shadows where secrets can hide. I”

“I've heard it said your entire life flashes before your eyes as you die. Those words comfort those who have loved and been loved but torment those who have failed and been failed.”

“The harder you fight, The more you bleed.”

“His name has been added to the Book of New Life, and he’s a candidate for the Resurrection. You just might see him again—and soon! Light”

“One fox in the henhouse. In two days, he’ll try to eat his mouse. Two days have passed. Today is the day. Anytime now. Three, yes, three warnings will come. By four five six, you’ll be glum. Look, look, look, for the seven. Eight, nine, Ten is in heaven...”

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