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Relactional Leadership: When Relationships Collide with Transactions

Ford Taylor

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When you tell someone they made you angry, you give them complete control over how you think, how you feel  and how you act, and that includes a two-year-old child.”

“The greatest leaders have the ability to have one eye on the prize and the other in the moment. When either one is lost they both will fail.”

“I have found that when I intentionally control my thoughts, walk humbly, love and forgive unconditionally, generally, I have a pretty good day.”

“Experience is not the best teacher. The consequence from experience is the best teacher. No consequence no lesson.”

“Being an affirming person and building an affirming culture in your organization will literally shift your organization into a whole new place and onto a whole new level.”

“We have a leadership crisis in our world today. It is based on the reality that we have developed leaders who care more about what people think about them, or how they are seen than they care about those that follow them.”

“There is always one more thing in someone’s hippocampus that you may know nothing about. There is always one more thing in your hippocampus that you may know nothing about.”

“There is a reason why they call it a pea brain when we get angry.”

“Leadership is not about control. Leadership is about influence.”

“If you want to make American great again, make America love again.”

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