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The Lost Art of Mixing

Erica Bauermeister

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Suddenly she was seeing the buds on the cherry trees around her; she could feel the energy packed within them, a bouquet of fireworks whose fuse had already been lit. She could smell them, too, a subtle essence of pink and lollipops, the sweetness deepened by the scent of the slowly warming earth below them.”

“We’re all just ingredients. What matters is the grace with which you cook the meal.”

“Rituals, Al Decided, were a lot like numbers; they offered a comforting solidity in the otherwise chaotic floodtide of life. But it was more than that. A ritual was a way to hold time - not freezing it, rather the opposite, warming it through the touch of your imagination.”

“Stories of her children when they were small, their round little bodies barely containing their personalities, which bloomed and glittered and melted into her.”

“Somewhere along the line, I'll screw up and hurt you," he said. "Everybody does. But that's not the point." "What's the point?" "The point is if you believe I would never do it on purpose - and if I believe the same of you. That's how you deal with stuff.”

“She'd seen it with Isabelle, the way things could become so permeated with memories that story was more important than function.”

“She looked at the produce stalls, a row of jewels in a case, the colors more subtle in the winter, a Pantone display consisting only of greens, without the raspberries and plums of summer, the pumpkins of autumn. But if anything, the lack of variation allowed her mind to slow and settle, to see the small differences between the almost-greens and creamy whites of a cabbage and a cauliflower, to wake up the senses that had grown lazy and satisfied with the abundance of the previous eight months. Winter was a chromatic palate-cleanser, and she had always greeted it with the pleasure of a tart lemon sorbet, served in a chilled silver bowl between courses.”

“It was interesting. Isabelle thought, the children that chose you. Some come through your body; others came in cars in the middle of the night.”

“When it came to Lillian’s mother, her husband was more present in his absence,”

“There’s a difference between taking care of and caring for. That’s something I learned on my silly little walkabout, actually. Think about it.”

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