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Paradise of the Blind

Dương Thu Hương

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Well, like there's no river without a bend, there's no life without its unhappiness.”

“At the center of these stifling landscapes, on a green carpet of weed, those purple flowers always glistened, radiant in the middle of filth: the atrocious ornament of a life snuffed out.”

“A rich man loves to work, a poor man loves to eat.”

“We "exported workers" had shut ourselves away in our boxlike rooms, savoring our homesickness, fermenting in our own sadness.”

“...the affection between two human beings is something I will always hold sacred.”

“When I couldn't sleep, I would just stare at those devastated rice fields and weep. Sometimes, I considered suicide. As if by coincidence, I had to walk past the old well at the gate to the temple five or six times a day. The water was so clear. It was as if it were beckoning to me. I would stare at my reflection and tell myself, iI could end my suffering. But it would be too cowardly. They'll just come and laugh on my own grave. I've got to survive. To see their undoing and to win this chess game with heaven.”

“The shouts of the villagers masked their own terror. Their screams were both a release and a sordid way of asking for grace, a baseness difficult to avoid in those troubled times.”

“The air echoed with the sounds of fury: Drums beat, bugles sounded the charge, mobs shrieked, and guerrilla patroles crisscrossed the roads, bayonets glinting at the tips of their rifles. The guerrillas kept their weapons cocked, threatening, ready to do battle. Their bayonets reflected in the gleam of their eyes as they glared suspiciously at every passerby. NO LANDLORAD WILL SLIP THROUGH OUR NET. That was the new slogan, scrawed in lurid colors across the roads. Whomever they stopped shuddred under the violence of their gaze, this blind hatred that needed no basis, no justification.”

“People say I'm extravagant. I tell them Yes, that's right, and I'm offering this to myself in memory of all my suffering.”

“In our society, there are only two respectable types of people: the proletariat—the avant-garde of our society, the beacon of the revoluation—and the peasantry, faithful ally of the proletariat in its struggle for the construction of socialism. The rest is nothing. The merchants, the petty tradespeople, they're only exploiters.”

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