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David Punter

Top 10 Best Quotes

“All public life sustains itself through metaphor.”

“…metaphors themselves are time-bound and ideologically motivated.”

“…metaphor have something in common with, for example, the paintings of M.C.Esher, or the Rorshach blot, both of which are famously indecipherable or, at least, irreducible to a single interpretation: they can never fully reveal their own meanings because they are perennially on the point of turning into their other.”

“…although metaphor undoubtedly deals in likenesses, similarity, it also deals in unlikeness and dissimilarity.”

“… ‘metaphor’ itself is not a static, ahistorical term; it is not as though there is a pervasive, universal concept of metaphor which can be applied, like a template, to all ages and cultures.”

“Thus, one might say, the dream can never be read literally, because its very substance is metaphor...”

“The term ‘metaphor’ itself is seen to identify a verbal process whereby two discrete objects or ideas become linked, but in a very particular way, such that, for the duration of the metaphor, one of the items actually becomes the other, and vice versa.”

“The metaphor can be considered in some sense and under some circumstances to be a kind of sleight of hand by means of which meanings can be surreptitiously smuggled into an apparently innocent discourse.”

“Perhaps all play is metaphor, perhaps all metaphor is play.”

“Metaphor thus becomes, crucially, a contested field; it also becomes visible as a weapon in the ideological armoury by means of which history is interpreted, or reinterpreted, from the perspective of the conquerer.”

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