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19 Love Songs

David Levithan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We are writing ourselves, writing each other. I am words, and there you are to read them.”

“And love, I learned, is a constant act of creation, just as creation is almost always an act of love.”

“You are here for the headstrong girl who will grow up to be president or something more important, like an English teacher”

“This is why we love stories, and love them from an early age: Nothing bad ever lasts in stories. And this is ultimately why we love life, too--because nothing bad ever lasts in life, not with the same intensity with which it initially appears. If we pay attention, stories can teach us that.”

“I am reminded how households with only two people have a different kind of gravity than others. We need the background noise, because otherwise the burden is entirely on us.”

“All dressed up, we thought we looked so old. Now, of course, we look at the picture and see how young we actually were. We get younger every year.”

“You are here for... the nice girls who want to scream but are afraid of breaking something...”

“To be loved by God is to be loved for who you are. To love God is to place no boundaries on who you love...Whether or not I believe in the God of my ancestors, I see God in everyone.”

“I don't remember what book it was - it almost doesn't matter, because the sensation of being read to is so much more powerful than any individual story.”

“I didn't write autobiography. I wrote to leave autobiography behind.”

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