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Short Century: A Novel

David Burr Gerrard

Top 10 Best Quotes

“That’s what nobody admits about men, how needy they are.”

“Don’t go to the protest. Go out and get laid. Unless you’re going to the protest to get laid.”

“You could fling open every closet of regret and desire in yourself and the people you loved, and still there would be one closet you missed, and crouched in that closet, never to see the dark of day, would be your most crucial self.”

“To talk about something is the first step toward invading it.”

“There was too much protection in a drone, protection that was also a denial of one’s own humanity, very much like the protection offered by a burqa.”

“The twentieth will be a short century,” he said. “Either we or the Soviets will launch the missiles before long, and all the lies will be burned away.”

“The problem with freedom is that when people have it, they do what they want to.”

“The months after the fall of the Wall constituted one of the few points in history when the past seemed to lead to the future, rather than the reverse. Historians would later mark it as the end of the twentieth century, the period dominated by murderous plans to perfect the world, the ‘short century’ of 1914 to 1989.”

“That was what maturity was: accepting things. The more things you accepted, the more mature you were.”

“Subtle! Subtlety is bourgeois. Brecht us that when he popped drama’s cherry. He fucked drama until it stopped being subtle, like a lady, and started being useful, like a whore.”

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