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Silent Awareness: The Revelation That Changes Everything

Cynthia Overweg

Top 10 Best Quotes

“How do you see the world? Is there an actual relationship between you and what you see? To see with silent inner awareness is to see our true relationship with each other and with the natural world.”

“people are so strongly attached to their beliefs they unknowingly identify themselves as their beliefs.”

“You are Light that dispels the darkness.”

“To give the whole of your being to listening is an act of love. What listens with love is the deepest you.”

“Throughout human history the direct experience of transcendent awareness in the beauty of nature has been central to spiritual awakening. The Buddha awakened after a long meditation under a Bodhi tree; the Christ was spiritually tested for forty days in the emptiness of the desert; and the prophet Elijah, after running in fear for his life, stood quietly on the holy mountain of Mount Sinai and heard the whisper of the “still small voice” of God. The wilderness has always been a place for self-transformation.”

“The intellect thinks it knows spiritual truth, but it is the heart that understands it because it is one with it.”

“The Silence that is infinite waits for you to recognize it as your own.”

“Silent awareness is not something you can know with your intellect. It is the revelation of the mystery that you are.”

“Silence is the mother of sound.”

“Seeing and listening with a silent mind transforms us, and it can also transform the world.”

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