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Something Wilder

Christina Lauren

Top 10 Best Quotes

“He'd loved Lily so deeply that it changed his biology. Standing here now, it seemed his love for her hadn't gone away, it had just been vacuum-sealed and stored. Back in her presence, the physical memory of his infatuation was released in a deluge, gasping to life, and adrenaline flooded his bloodstream.”

“He wondered if, looking down, the stars ever felt like falling, lovesick, onto the planets. The instinct was in him when he was over her, moving, unable to believe that she was real and her quiet sounds were real and the way she looked up at him was real. Just fall. It's okay. She had to see the truth tattooed in his eyes and scrawled across every feature: that he had always loved her, was loving her still. Leo would love Lily Wilder forever.”

“His ribs formed a Faraday cage around a crackling electric heart”

“When a husky laugh echoed behind her, Lily's stomach absolutely fell to her feet. She knew how a rattlesnake sounded in the brittlebush on the ranch and the raspy croak of a passing raven. She knew the trickling of water in a spring and the impatient huff of Bonnie when she was done for the day. And Lily knew—even after all this time—the deep, vibrating sound of Leo Grady's voice in the morning, the way it warmed up slowly, from rocks to gravel to a smooth, polished stone.”

“Hope was a dangerous drug, and Lily was standing at the precipice between two worlds: one that promised everything she ever wanted in life, and another where she’d have to figure out how to make the life she had into the life she wanted.”

“He gazed at her. His eyes were so soft and adoring, they pulled a sharply defensive "What?" out of her. But Leo laughed. "Not yet, sweetheart." "Not yet what?" "You can't break up with me yet." Pulling back, she reminded him, "We aren't even together." He grinned at this, eyes sparkling. "Wow, you are delusional. Two people who 'aren't even together' don't make love the way we did.”

“For a second there, I really thought I was going to die." From the way he looked down at her, gaze moving over every one of her features, Lily could tell he'd thought the same thing. "I had to let you go once," he told her. "You think I'm letting that happen again?”

“Bradley will be more than happy to tell you that I'm a commitment-phobe, but it isn't that." He went quiet, and with nothing else to notice, it was impossible to miss how his pulse had ratcheted higher. "I think the problem is that I'm not the kind of person to fall in and out of love." And now her pulse was pounding. The implication landed heavily. But she asked anyway: "What do you mean?" "I mean, I fell in love once and stayed there.”

“All he'd ever truly wanted was her.”

“Sex was sex, but love was a different language,”

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