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Frances and Bernard

Carlene Bauer

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Your face says so much in so little time, you let everything you're thinking bloom upon your face, and I can't think of anything else I'd rather watch than you pass through five moods in five minutes. What glorious weather.”

“I am in no mood to fulminate on paper--I wish the two of us were in a room together talking of what matters most, the air thick with affinity. In January a man crawls into a cave of hopelessness; he hallucinates sympathies catching fire. Letters are glaciers, null frigates, trapping us where we are in the moment, unable to carry us on toward truth.”

“You and I are so different: I am one word at a time one foot in front of the other, slowly, always testing how surely footing is before proceeding to the next sentence with ruminative breaks for buttered toast and coffee.”

“It makes me think that a marriage of true minds - to again quote Shakespeare - is in many ways just dumb luck.”

“I had started to believe that I might love her in some way. I came to her room late at night once when I was drunk, shouting, throwing myself at her because I wanted her to respect me more that I thought she did. I wanted her to want me more than she did- I mean, I didn't want her to look at me as if I were a child, I wanted her to look at me with hunger.”

“But women are awful for the same reason men are awful: limited scope.”

“A man always wants his friends to be a little in love with his beloved too.”

“Dear Uncle Bernard - Your niece Frances - a four-eyed, French-plaited platypus awaiting the evaporation of h baby fat - thanks you very much for the romantic advice. But I've never been one to spend time thinking about why men and women take to each other, or why they don't. I think it can turn a lady neurotic, a term I despise but also am loath to have turned in my direction.”

“You had the radiance of someone who knew her worth and would not squander it.”

“She will find it less necessary to carve out of you what needs to be carved out because she has someone else now who needs her knife.”

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