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Against Walls

Bryn Hammond

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Our children aren't here to fix our mistakes, but to have lives, lives we can't guess at.”

“In steppe epic, a steed and a sister are your trustiest, most intelligent and indefatigable aid: the hero doesn't have to be heroic, but these do.”

“They met eyes and had a moment and had to glance elsewhere.”

“The gallantry was the women's. ... The woman's chivalry in such circumstances is obviously expected.”

“Temujin watched Borte's ballet, her elegance on the fulcrum of her hips.”

“Temujin nodded. He had every intention to do his bit in the battle, like his mother.”

“Temujin had had not the slightest notion that bad emotion can just grow and grow from inside you and squeeze out the universe.”

“Spring weather is turbulent. Every afternoon for a fortnight a gang of bruise-coloured clouds grumbling with their brew slunk up to the massy black stone of the tor. After a face-off of pops and hisses the clouds slunk south, to burst into storm on the horizon.”

“Perceptions? Yesugei didn't give a goat's toenail about perceptions, but society was society. ... 'Who gives a billy's balls what one or two wives have to say?' 'Quite, father.' This was strong language, to cite the nether parts, stronger than toenails.”

“People, and boys the worst, are so much more intelligent than what comes out of their mouths.”

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