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Cancer is for Old(er) People: How Young Minds Beat an Old Disease

Brett M. Cordes

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You must realize that having cancer affects not only you, but everyone who cares for you as well. I had realized this after only one year of treatment, but I don't think I've ever truly understood how hard the experience was for my family.”

“When I was initially diagnosed with cancer, I questioned God's reasoning for giving me such a debilitating disease. But then it dawned on me: He chose me to give this disease because He knew that I could handle it!”

“We were not mentally prepared for this option. It was overwhelming. What do we tell our boys, how will they react? You have a hundred thoughts racing through your head, and they are all maneuvering for the ability to create clarity amidst the confusion, but they cannot.”

“We went to different schools, but none-the-less, he was my very first friend.”

“To this day, one of my great regrets in life is that I did not deploy in 2013 with the group of men and women whom I spent so much time growing close to. I cherish the memories that I have while in uniform and have learned to understand that everything is in God's timing, not mine.”

“This was not going to be an easy experience, but let me say this as clearly as I know how; nothing anybody says can prepare you for what lay ahead... nothing. I considered myself a tough human being. I was a soldier. Like, not a "No Limit" soldier or "soldier for life" an actual United States soldier, for crying out loud.”

“Stephanie is my hero and we battled cancer together. It wasn't ever my victory or even our victory. It was God's victory and he allowed us to share it together.”

“Some of this is difficult to put into words and almost a little embarrassing, but can we became my identity for 18 months of my life. I didn’t have a conversation with anyone outside of my close circle of family or friends that didn’t revolve around having cancer or treating cancer. -Kyle”

“She succumbed to the exact same cancer that I had been lucky enough to survive. Could this really be the only aspect of our experience that led to our differing outcomes...luck? My god luck? Her bad luck? Seems unfair, right? Well, it is.”

“See, what had happened was that the Versed had caused retrograde amnesia, the side-effects of the Morphine disappearing caused my bowels to start moving again, and the alcohol I guess had just prevented my mind from appreciating these facts until the last possible second ...or not. Good times.”

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