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Fail More: Embrace, Learn, and Adapt to Failure As a Way to Success

Bill Wooditch

Top 10 Best Quotes

“it’s the very things that make you uncomfortable that you must expose yourself to, to bring you a familiarity and confidence.”

“You will wage battle against the need for certainty and the discomfort of uncertainty.”

“You need to be the creator and the innovator, always in search of new ideas or methods that create value.”

“You have to see with clarity what you want, and you have to have confidence in your ability to get it.”

“The road to success begins with your dreams.”

“The only way out of a bad situation is through choice—one that is made when you learn from the past. The”

“The iron law of success is that nothing worthy of your time and effort can happen without your willingness to face fear and learn from the lessons of your failures.”

“Rather than asking yourself what it is you want to achieve, ask yourself what it is you can endure to achieve it.”

“Leaning into the discomfort of uncertainty is the path to growth. When you step into uncertainty, you expose yourself to the new, which is often the difficult, yet always the most vital choice you’ll make toward personal betterment.”

“Inside every success there are remnants of failure, and in every failure there are pockets of success.”

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