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Damaged and the Beast

Bijou Hunter

Top 10 Best Quotes

“This date. You’re really giving me a chance, right? I need for you to be open to things and not just playing along because I said I would keep chasing. I need a real chance because you’ve got me all messed up inside.” Staring up at Cooper, I held his gaze and forced a smile. “I like you a lot. I don’t think we make any sense, but I wish we did.” “We could though,” he said, taking my hand. “You’re scared of all the surface stuff. The tats and the way I mouth off, but that’s surface. On the inside, I know you’re special. It’s why I need a chance.” “I’m going on the date.” Sighing, Cooper frowned. “Because I said I would basically stalk you until you said yes.” “I don’t expect anything from tonight. Good or bad. I just want to see what happens. I’m giving you a chance.”

“I’d go wherever your sister is and bring her here so you wouldn’t be alone.”

“I want you,” he whispered, holding my face with both hands. “Fuck that. I need you, Farah. I need to help you knock down all of those walls. I promise it’ll be great if you trust me.” “I do.” “You do,” he said, his eyes locked on mine. “I feel you lowering another wall and nothing feels better.”

“You ever see that show Storage Wars?” Cooper asked and I shook my head. “These guys bid on abandoned storage lockers. Lots of times, these lockers are full of trash. Sometimes though, they have hidden treasures. That’s what you are. The hidden treasure in the trash of your crap family. You have value and I don’t want you to think otherwise.” “That’s how you see me?” I said, smiling up at him. “As treasure?” “Of course. You’re irreplaceable.”

“You’re mine,” I said and Cooper smiled so sweetly. “It’s why I marked your butt.”

“Your mom is a great cook,” I said, enjoying the macaroni salad. “Yeah, self taught. Trial and error. Can you cook?” “We usually didn’t have a kitchen in the motel. I can warm stuff up, but that’s it.” Cooper studied me then nodded. “I’d have my mom teach you, but she’s pretty scary in the kitchen. Her way or the highway thing. They have evening classes at the college where they teach cooking. Maybe once you get settled in, you can take a class. I know how my girl loves to learn.” Swallowing hard, I blurted out, “After we eat, can we go to your bedroom?” Cooper glanced at the television and sighed. “No fucking way.” “Why?” “Your face is why. You look like you might puke.” “I’m nervous, but I want to.” “No fucking way times ten, baby,” he said, glancing back at me. “Today is going too damn well. There’s no way I’m ruining it by having sex when you’re still not sure about me.” “When then?” “When you look at me and I know you want it. When I know you’re giving with your heart and not that big head of yours.” “My head isn’t big.” “Figuratively.” “Oh, I still don’t think it’s big. I’m an average student. Steady like a tortoise.” “Don’t talk shit about my girl,” he said, gnawing at a corncob. “She’s fucking brilliant. She likes me after all.”

“You shouldn’t call girls bitches.” “That chick is a bitch. I don’t need to know her to know that much. The way she was looking at you the first night was like she wanted to kill you because you took her table. Who gets that pissed off about a fucking table?” “She probably needs the tips.” “So you like everyone, huh? Is your nickname doormat?” Crossing my arms again, I stared at the television and planned to ignore him. Except he was in my home, on my couch, and playing with my hair. “Screw you,” I said, smacking his hand away. “You’re rich and people kiss your ass. Great for you, but I’m not rich and I have to get along with people. I have to take shit from people to keep my job and make enough money to go to school. So screw you for thinking I’m a doormat because I didn’t punch Piper for giving me dirty looks.” Cooper very deliberately reached out and wrapped a lock of my hair around his fingers. All the while, he held my gaze, daring me to stop him. “I get it,” I said quietly. “What I want doesn’t matter. I bow to your superiority. Should we just fuck now so you can forget my name like your brother said?” “My brother is a turd. I told you that,” Cooper said, taking one of my legs and resting it over his thighs. “Don’t be so pissy. I just want you to admit you like me.” “Fine, I like you.” “Yeah, I know, but thanks for being honest.”

“You said his name when you were dreaming,” he explained quietly. “He’s the guy who hurt you, right?” “Do you know him?” “Farah, why would I know him?” “He… I just don’t want to go back.” “You’re not going anywhere, baby. You’re staying here with me.” “He could come. He could take me.” Gaze darkening, Cooper whispered in a hard voice. “If he tried, he’d be dead before he put a hand on you.”

“You didn’t explain why you want to be a teacher.” “I just do.” “No, I sense a story behind it. Tell me and I’ll share my dessert.” “What types of dessert do they serve?” “Awesome cannolis.” I just stared at Cooper who frowned. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had a cannoli.” When I shook my head, he sighed. “Man, we could have fun, Farah. I’d show you a million things. Not necessarily sophisticated things, but cool shit nonetheless. Hell, I bet you haven’t even seen the Grand Canyon.” “We drove past it once.” Cooper smiled softly then reached across the table and caressed my bottom lip. As soon as he pulled away, I wiped my lips self-consciously. “Did I have gunk on them?” A smile spread across his lips and he shook his head. “You’re gorgeous.” “My lips?” “And those eyes. Hell, every inch of you makes my jeans too snug.” “I feel like a princess now.” Cooper laughed for a minute then sat up with a jerk. Snapping his fingers, he pointed at me. “You know what I forgot to ask?” When I shook my head, he continued, “Why did you want to be a teacher?”

“You aren’t average. You’re special because you’re the only girl who’s ever made my heart hurt.”

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