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The Killer Ascendant

Barry Eisler

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You forget the things you want to remember and remember the things you want to forget.”

“We could go from bliss and harmony to anger and recriminations as fast and with as little warning as a tropical storm. What made it bearable, what made it good, was that the foul weather would pass with equal suddenness, usually leaving something glorious in its wake.”

“It’s been my experience that people who can express their political views only in clichés and passionate generalizations are fanatics.”

“You’ve looked into the abyss, and can feel it looking back still;”

“Sometimes you need the anesthesia. Because what you learn about yourself when fear finally overtakes you isn’t pretty. You understand that the person you thought of as yourself, your immutable, indivisible self, is just an overlay, fragile and frail. Fear strips away the façade. And having to see what lies beneath, and accept it, makes you different from everyone who hasn’t been similarly forged. You’ve been aged; they remain neophytes. You have brutal clarity; they, comforting illusions. You’ve looked into the abyss, and can feel it looking back still; they don’t even know such a place exists. And for all of it, you hate them.”

“She wondered what it was about men that wed them more to a way of doing things than to achieving their ostensible goals.”

“Most people find it hard to do two things at once, like complete a sentence and avoid a palm heel to the nose.”

“Jean-Louis Murat, Patricia Kaas”

“It wasn’t how far you fell, it was how high you bounced”

“It has everything to do with Rotterdam. America’s oil addiction is a sickness that’s killing the patient. Christ, Americans would rather send soldiers to war than carpool to work.”

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