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Fifty Words for Rain

Asha Lemmie

Top 10 Best Quotes

“To love a child is the greatest terror there is. It’s a lifetime of worrying yourself sick over every move they make. It is a torture and an immense joy all at once.”

“We do things that we never thought we were capable of in order to protect what we love.”

“She would curl herself onto the couch and listen to him making paintings out of sound. And each piece was a different picture. In her mind’s eye, she could see a garden full of trees with white leaves and a fountain with blush-pink petals floating in the clear water—that was a concerto. The volta: scarlet and plum-colored ribbons winding around each other, battling for dominance. A requiem . . . a lone horse walking down a dimly lit cobbled road, looking for a rider that had died long ago. From these dead foreigners whose names she was slowly growing accustomed to, Nori was learning what it was to live a thousand lifetimes of joy and sorrow without ever leaving this house.”

“It seemed almost sacrilegious to spoil the silence that followed a perfect song.”

“Alice’s gray eyes were knowing. “Oh, my dear girl. You can’t shut yourself away from love forever. For you are love embodied and it will never stop trying to find you.”

“So far, in eight years of life, Nori had a collection of twelve ribbons, one for each time she’d been able to make her mother happy.”

“It was horribly uncomfortable to feel time nudging her forward, tactlessly, in total disregard of whether she was prepared or not.”

“I feel this life is Sorrowful and unbearable Though I cannot flee away Since I am not a bird”

“Her favorite thing about God was that He was the one person she was allowed to ask questions. In fact, this privilege delighted her so much that she hardly even minded that nobody answered her.”

“While my husband sleeps, while my children are upstairs in their nursery, I can be the selfish woman I was always meant to be for a few short moments in the day.”

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