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Nora Goes Off Script

Annabel Monaghan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If you own up to not being perfect, life gets easier.”

“I like the way he notices things. A noticer is a person who can never be entirely self-absorbed,”

“Have you ever felt like you’re disappearing?” he asks. “Like you’re sure one day you’re going to wake up and find that the truest parts of yourself have been replaced by someone else’s plans?”

“When I’m done, I ceremonially delete the Instagram app and move my banking app to the exact spot where it used to sit. I get in bed and scroll through my account. The big deposit, the interest. It’s infinitely satisfying, and I wish there was a like button to press.”

“The basic truth of parenting fills my heart: If your kids are okay, you don’t really have any problems. I will relish this feeling.”

“and I ignored him the way you do when you’re trying to stay married.”

“when you are ten years old, the stakes are high. You are teetering between childhood and tweendom and any single action can push you forever into the realm of the uncool. The kids around you are unconsciously planning to ditch you in middle school, so if you’re not an alpha child you need to be prepared with a backup friend group. Being in the fifth grade is sort of like trying to disable a live bomb,”

“really just set out to write a TV romance for my standard fee of $25,000 so that I could pay my back real estate taxes and keep my name from being listed in the local paper.”

“don’t write. How did I let this man stop by for three weeks and steal my heart, my house, and my career?”

“but look at your life. You live for your kids, and they live for you. There’s something almost sacred about what you have. In my life, I live for my career, and all the people around me are paid to live for my career.”

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