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Dub Steps

Andrew Miller

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If the trees and the plants are brothers, if the birds are my sisters, then cats are truly my kin.”

“We calculated the baseline requirement of diversity.”

“We are, after all, human. There is something wild in those opposable thumbs.”

“The years of us. Our farm and our people. The children, from this distance now almost all completely interchangeable faces and forms, smiling and running and growing so easily into this other thing. So unfettered by time. So shaped by our story, yet somehow so completely untouched by any of it.”

“The writers themselves … they were pitifully out of context. So self-assured, so assuming, so completely wrong. Unable – any of them – to imagine what might be coming.”

“The robot learns to love. A single, oily tear leaks down his cheek. We don’t know whether he’s crying or just needs maintenance.”

“The forest would close its arms and that would be that. Joburg would be a mythical memory, a place of the past, of adventure stories for children, of warnings not to get lost.”

“The best philosophy was wrapped up in history. It was, in effect, storytelling from a particular era. The worst was the pure sort. University stuff.”

“Sometimes the heart demands.”

“It’s not about fucking,” she asserted as we clucked nervously over her diagram. “It’s about our species. We need to breed.”

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